False Alarm

Dec 12

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Some of you heard our fire alarm go off this morning at approx. 8:30am. I wanted to reassure you that it was a false alarm that it was set off by dust accumulating on one of our sensors.

I would like to thank our fire department for coming so quickly and our staff for all their help.



Please see below to view the information that came out yesterday. Once again we could really use your help with our Christmas Hampers and Food Drive.




As you know, we will have two performances of our Christmas Concert on Tuesday, Dec 19th. Our matinee will have a matinee at 1:30pm. Our evening show is still at 7:00pm.

Please note that each family will receive two tickets for the evening show. Tickets will go home next week. 

Tickets are only needed for the evening show and not needed for the matinee. 

We encourage families who more than two people wanting to see the show to come to our matinee.

Doors will now open for the matinee at 1:00. 

The doors for the evening concert will open at 6:30.

Students should arrive to the evening concert at 6:30

We encourage you to bring a donation to our food drive during our Christmas Concerts. Cash donations for the food bank is also welcome and appreciated.


Also, don’t forget to bring some cash to the Christmas Concert and try your luck with our 50/50 Draw. 3 tickets for $5 or 10 tickets for $10. You never know, you could be the luck winner!!!

Christmas Hampers
As stated on Thursday and on the weekend, our school will be sponsoring multiple families in the community of Delta during Christmas this year. The staff at Devon Gardens would love your help in making the holidays just a bit brighter for these families. We could definitely use your help! If you would like contribute to the hampers we are putting together, please look at the descriptions below. If you plan on wrapping your contributions please attach appropriate information to allow us to get your item to the correct hamper and person. Please note that all efforts have gone into keeping the identities of these families confidential.
KIDSDietary restriction:  gluten ( celiac disease)Scent sensitive and skin sensitive (so things like axe spray or scented body wash can’t be used)

Girl age 5: wears size 6, likes dolls, Barbies, books, colouring, Shopkins

Girl age 7: wears size 8, likes dolls (lol dolls), Shopkins, reading and drawing

Girl age 13: wears youth medium, loves music (iTunes)

Girl age 15: wears youth large, loves to read

Boy: Age15, size men’s medium, likes video games

Boy:  Age 13, size men’s medium, like video games (PS4)

Girl:  Age 11, size 14/16 girls, like video games (PS4), drawing, reading, nail polish

Boy:  Age 10, size 10 boys, has Down syndrome and autism, likes toys but cannot have toys that light up/flash/musical.  Developmentally comparable to someone between the age of 3-5

Girl:  Age 9, size 10/12 girls, likes video games, crafting, drawing, anything hands on

Girl:  Age 7, size 8 girls, likes colouring, Video games, princess stuff, small dolls

Girl:  Age 5, size 6 girls, likes colouring, video games, princess stuff, small dolls

Girl:  Age 22 months, size 3T (very chubby 40lbs baby so anything skinny waisted won’t fit)

Girl:   On the way…due early 2018


FEMALE ADULT: adult medium size, likes coffee

FEMALE ADULT: Likes coffee. Normal size is women’s small, but may change following the impending birth baby – maybe women’s medium?

ADULT MALE: men’s medium to large. Likes coffee.