Christmas Help Needed


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you know, we are again working with another school in Delta to provide families in need with some Christmas hampers this year.

Our sister school will provide hampers for our families and in turn we are collecting items to help their families. We do this in the spirit of trying to keep things private and confidential for the families who are in need. Please have a look at the descriptions of the two families below and please consider bringing in donations to help with our hamper efforts. We would like to get the hampers to them by Monday, Dec 16th.  Please send all donations to the office.

Again our sincerest thank you!



Family #1 Mom  & 5 kids:

Girl – age 17 – likes photography

Girl – age 13 – likes to do her nails, press on nails, nail polish etc.

Boy – Age 15 – needs a basketball

Girl – Age 10 – Dolls, miniature furniture, arts and crafts

Boy – Age 6 – Cars, any kind of ball

Whole family likes bath stuff.

Family #2 Mom & 2 kids

Girl (9y) and Boy (6).

Boy is clothing size 6-7.    He can use some new Pajamas, socks, toque and long sleeve shirts. He likes LEGO ninjago, Pokémon, beyblades, cars.  Sports (hockey, soccer, basketball)

Girl is size 10-12. She can also use soft material pajamas and socks .  She likes craft kits (soap, erasers, slime). Soccer, ball hockey.  She enjoys books (chapter, graphic).  Likes Journals to write.  She likes squishy toys (helps her calm and de-stress) stuffies or soft blanket.  Bath bombs, flavour lipgloss. Loves chocolate!

Food:  Mom and daughter have celiac, so need gluten free –   gluten free cookies, gluten free crackers,  chocolate,  gluten free pancakes, gluten free Mac n cheese & pasta, Peanut butter (smooth), cheese sticks, cozy shack rice pudding , mini yogurt drinks, gluten free cereal.

Mom would like pjs (medium) and socks (ladies size 7)

Should you want to sign up to buy an item, please do so on this link.  You DO NOT need to write your name – we are just trying to make sure that we don’t get 16 basketballs:).  Again, thank you all for your generosity!