January 23rd – 27th

Dear DG Families,Happy Chinese New Year GIF Images 2023 | Lunar New Year Wishes

Lunar New Year Assembly Tomorrow

Lunar New Year begins on Jan 22. It is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. This year is the year of the Rabbit. In order to celebrate and bring in this new season and year,  tomorrow (Monday, January 23rd), we will be having an assembly in celebration of Lunar New Year featuring a  Lion Dance performance by Vancouver Chinese Lion Dance Inc (thank you to our AWESOME Devon Gardens PAC for their generous support in covering the cost!).  Students will be exposed to different traditions, cultural instruments, legends, and ceremonies. They will get the chance to ask questions, and each get the change to take a picture with the lion costume. Students are invited to wear red, tomorrow – a colour associated with luck and prosperity!


Student Led Conferences

Student led conferences are on Wednesday, January 25th and  Thursday, January 26th. To accommodate this, students will be dismissed at noon on the 25th and at  2:00pm on the 26th. 

What is a Student-Led Conference?  Just as it sounds, a student-led conference is a conference with parents, led by the student.  The role of the classroom teacher is a facilitator in the conference process.  Students lead parents through a discussion of their work and established academic and social goals.  The process includes the teacher facilitating several conferences at the same time.  Conference appointments will be 20 min long (some students/parents may require less time, which is fine), and several sets of parents may sign up for each appointment time.

When students have the opportunity to show, explain and demonstrate their learning, they are not only communicating their accomplishments and understanding, but also sharing with you what and how they are learning, and the criteria for success. In addition, giving students this opportunity:

  • develops your child’s self-assessment and communication skills
  • helps build the independence, confidence, self-esteem and pride of your child
  • provides an opportunity for your child to receive supportive feedback to further their learning
  • provides an opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning. While your child is leading you through the conference, the teacher will be available to join you for part of the time.


Roles and Responsibilities of Student-Led Conferences

The Role of the Student –
Prior to the conference, students collect evidence of their learning to share with their parents and collaborate with their teachers to review their progress and set learning goals.  During the conference, students share and discuss learning with their parents and determine next    steps to improve learning.
The Role of the Parent(s) –
Prior to the conference, parents should familiarize themselves with the conference process, prepare some questions for discussion during the conference and sign up for a conference appointment time (this will be done via Parent Connect – please watch for an email coming soon).   During the conference, parents should participate actively (listen, ask questions) and provide feedback to assist their child in identifying strengths and learning goals.
The Role of the Teacher –
Prior to the conference, teachers help students prepare for the conference by guiding the student to collect evidence of their learning and review learning goals.  During the conference, the teacher is there as a facilitator and guide.  Questions should for the most part be directed towards your child. If you have further questions for your child’s teacher, please make an appointment at a later time.
Please refer to the email from Ms Labrosse, sent Thursday, with instructions for booking your appointment time through Parent Connect.  Instructions are also below:

Student Crossing Guard Update from Ms Grund:

Thank you for your continued support of the crossing guard program at Devon Gardens. This important leadership role helps keep the students safe. In a recent crossing guard meeting, we decided to add an extra student to help with crossing guards where it was possible. Previously, 4 students volunteered in the morning and 4 after school. The students voiced that it was difficult to find a replacement when they were home sick. We needed to find another solution to ensure there were enough students at the cross walk to keep students safe knowing that students may need a replacement when they are unable to find one. Now there will be 5 volunteers in the morning and 5 after school on most days. If all 5 students are available for the day, the additional student can help at the Downs Road crossing. If you know you are going to be away for an extended period because of a planned vacation, please encourage your child to find their own replacements. Here is the new crossing guard schedule.

Crossing Guard Schedule 20 23


Shortage of School Crossing Guards Throughout the City - City of Thunder Bay



Adult Crossing Guard Needed (paid position)

We are still looking for a Crossing Guard for the corner of Nordel and 112th.  

Do you know someone (friend, neighbour, family member, etc…) who might be interested?   Please help us get the word out!      If yes, please contact Ms. Grund at bgrund@deltaschools.ca   or at 604-581-6185

This is a part-time role, for one hour per day (30 minutes each in the morning and afternoon), Monday – Friday, from September to June, on days school is in session.


8:20– 8:50am, Mon – Fri

3:00 – 3:30pm, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

1:45 – 2:15pm, Wed


Completion of Grade 10, or equivalent. Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents and drivers. Ability to use good judgement when confronted with difficult situations. Knowledge of and the ability to apply basic road safety rules. Physically capable of performing the duties of the position. Ability to work in all weather conditions. Criminal records check required


Coolidge Elementary School

Please don’t send your children to school when they are ill

Reminder – PAC Fundraisers ongoing throughout the year

Return-it Express

PAC has created a school fundraising account. To participate, simply bring your containers to the depot in sealed, clear bags, and enter the registered phone number, 604-581-6185, into the Express kiosk. You will be prompted to select the number of bags you’re dropping off, the kiosk will automatically print the same number of sticker tags displaying our PACs unique Express account code. Tag each of your bags with a sticker tag and drop the bags off in the designated Express drop-off area to be counted. For a list of Return-it Express location visit https://www.return-it.ca/locations/express/

Cobs Bread Dough Raiser Program

This program enables us to raise money for our school throughout the year! Be sure to mention Devon Gardens Elementary (or code 7806) each time you make a purchase at COBS Bread Scott 72 Centre; they will donate 10% of your purchase back to our school.



Level Ground Trading

Level Ground is a BC business that works with fair trade coffee, tea, dried fruit and spice producers.

  • Supporters enter the code devongardensin the ‘discount code’ field at the checkout.
  • All products on our web store (com) qualify for the fundraiser. Orders must be $40 or more. These orders also qualify for free shipping to most addresses in Canada (there is a shipping fee on all orders shipped to NU/NT/YK). All orders are paid for through our web site and shipped directly to your supporters. No need to collect orders or distribute products to households.
  • Your fundraising amount is 20% of total sales.  So on a $100 order your school will receive $20.


Online Stay Safe & Babysitting Courses

Offered through First Aid Hero. When registering use promo/coupon code DGPAC and our PAC will earn $5 from each registration. For details, available course dates and online registration, please refer to this flyer:


Questions? Send an email to pacdevongardens@gmail.com

Thank you,

Your Devon Gardens PAC


Other Opportunities for Families


erase Student and Family Online Sessions: Establishing Respectful Relationships and Consent in our Communities

erase is offering online interactive sessions focused on exploring consent and gender-based violence, with school-day sessions for students in Grades 8-12, and evening sessions suited for students in Grade 8 and above and their families. Led by expert trainers from Safer Schools Together, students and families will learn tips and tools to support discussions and to support positive connections. Schools and families can register online. Contact erase@gov.bc.ca with any questions or for more information.


North Delta Valentine’s Event for Families:

Scan QR code for more information:




Monday, January 23rd: Lunar New Year assembly (students encouraged to wear red)

Wednesday, January 25th: Student Led Conferences (early dismissal at noon)

Wednesday, January 25th: Burnsview Gr 8 Info Night – 7:00pm (in person)

Thursday, January 26th: Student Led Conferences (dismissal at 2:00pm)

Thursday, January 26th: Term 2 Previews sent home

Friday, January 27th: Professional Development Day (School is not in session for students)

Other dates and events are listed on the school calendar on our website: https://dg.deltasd.bc.ca/events-calendar/