Week at a Glance May 31 – June 4

Dear DG Families,

Welcome to the first week of June! June is a busy month for us at the school. Please make sure that you are reading the emails sent out to you from the school. With the end of the school year coming up quickly, please be aware of the events happening for your child(ren).




Vision 2030 Parent Survey

Delta School District is pleased to announce that it is embarking on an exciting journey to develop its Vision for the next 10 years.

Imagine you could help set the direction of the Delta School District for the next ten years. What hopes, dreams and possibilities can you picture for our future?  What values and qualities will students of the future need to be successful citizens who are able to address real-world issues?

We want to hear from you! Please click on this link to share your thoughts:



Summer Learning is Coming and We’ll Be Back in the Classrooms!


If you would like your children to continue learning into the summer, please check out your options the Delta School District is offering at the following link:



Planning for 2021-2022 School Year

Next School Year

We know that it is still May, but we are already busy looking at numbers for the next school year.  If you plan on moving over the summer, the school would like to know as soon as possible.  Please email the school at devongardens.elem.cims@deltasd.bc.ca

2021-2022 Class Placement Information – LAST WEEKEND

In the coming weeks, we will start to look at next year’s organization and class placements for students.

Some Things to Know about Our Process:

Class placements are important decisions and something that teachers consider very carefully.

FACTORS & CONSIDERATIONS: Assigning students to classes is a very complex task that takes into consideration a variety of factors, including: learning styles and strengths, what a student is able to achieve in relation to the goals of the curriculum, degree of independence in work habits, social and personal needs, age and physical maturity, previous placements, gender balance of class, etc….

The number of staff members assigned to our school is decided by the Superintendent’s Office and is based on projected student enrolment. Enrolment estimates and class size guidelines affect the configuration of classes, which may also necessitate a particular organizational configuration (i.e. whether or not we have combined or “split” classes and the number of students, per grade, in the class).

SCHOOL-BASED DECISIONS: The professional staff is in contact with children in the school setting for 30 hours a week. Your child’s present teacher, along with other educators who work with your child, have a year’s worth of current, rich information and insight about the conditions under which your child learns best. Therefore, decisions around where to place students are determined through school-based, team decisions, based on their recommendations.

INPUT FROM PARENTS: As our partners in education, parents may also have important information to assist us with the placement of students. Parents are welcome to share with the school personal, educational, or social information that could affect their child’s placement. Our staff will keep in mind this information, along with the above considerations, when building classes.

If you have information about your child and the kind of learning environment in which she/he best works and learns, and you would like to share this information with our staff, please fill in the “Parent Information” form by clicking on the link below.   Please complete the form no later than Tuesday, June 1st. 

It is important to note that it is not possible for parents to choose their child’s teacher or make requests regarding other students. Teachers who are currently on staff may not be here next year, may not be assigned the same grade, or may not teach a class configuration that meets your child’s learning needs. Whatever the scenario, we strive to place your child in a warm, caring environment that will maximize his/her learning potential.

Should you have information you wish to share with us, please fill in the form by Tuesday, June 1st.  Please fill in 1 form for every child.   Please note, parents are not required to do this.  It’s optional.




Crossing Guard Schedule

Please see the schedule listed for crossing guards until the end of June!

Crossing Guard Schedule

Next PAC meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 31st at 7:30pm. 

Agenda and zoom link will be sent out on Monday morning.


Voting in of PAC executive positions will be at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Monday, June 21st. Below is a list of PAC executive positions, with years served and intention to continue for the next school year. A call-out seeking nominations for all positions will be sent out in early June. Please consider joining. Any parent or guardian of a student registered at Devon Gardens Elementary is eligible to hold a position. For questions, please email pacdevongardens@gmail.com.

For more information on position duties, please refer to the PAC Constitution.


PAC Position Name Years in Position Returning for 2021-22
Chair Varinder Khaira 3 No
Vice-Chair Jennifer Iachetta 1 Yes
Secretary Janelle Lindahl Many No
Treasurer Carolyn Stanley Many Uncertain
Gaming Rep. Cleo Yeh 1 Yes
DPAC Rep. Vacant
CFP Rep. Katrina Smyth 1 Yes
Member at Large BJ Dhaliwal 3 No
Member at Large Jana Methven Many Yes



Monday, May 31st: PAC meeting via Zoom 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, June 10th and Friday, June 11th: Grades 6/7 outdoor mobile camp experience

Week of June 14-18th: Sports day activities via gym class

Friday, June 18th: Wacky tourist day