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Delta Kids

It is updated regularly and will have more updates regarding summer camps and activities for kids in the coming weeks with the change in Covid guidelines.


Summer sculpture: Mermaids, Sea caves and Ice cream! $70
Pottery might even be more fun now, then during the school year! Your child can have a quality non-screen activity to enjoy and can take the whole summer to perfect each creation during this flexible program.

Projects are not due for kiln firing until mid-September!

Pottery instruction for 6 projects plus glazing tips will be emailed to you each Friday as a YouTube video link; ready for you to engage in according to your own schedule at home or on holiday! All clay and glaze supplies included!

It’s such nice weather so working outside might be a great way to be inspired by nature. Especially when creating sculptures of sea stars and seahorses, or maybe a rabbit shaped veggie marker for your carrots!  It might even be fun to make a strawberry shaped tile. Other projects include mermaid or sea monster sculpture, an ice cream bowl and a sea cave treasure box!

Or, perhaps you would like to use your clay to create a whimsical wind chime instead, It’s up to you!


CLASS START DATE: Friday July 2nd

Each Friday your family will be emailed a new YouTube pottery project for 6 weeks.

SUPPLY PICKUPSat June 26th or at your convenience.

Siblings and/or parents are also invited to join in the fun at a special rate. $70 for one child, $140 for two family members, while the third only pays $35 (Payment by e-transfer is welcome, or by cheque made out to Venetia Inglis).

Your child’s/family’s package will include enough portions of clay divided up for the 6 different weekly projects, 6 colours of dinnerware safe glaze. (You choose them when you pick up your your supplies).

You will need to have on hand a recycled yogurt or sour cream container with lid, toothpicks, sharpened chopstick, paper towels/newspaper or even a tea towel for working on. It’s also a good idea to have an old cloth for wiping hands just to keep tidy while working with clay.
At the end of the summer you’ll be dropping off your creations for firing, getting them back in time for an ice cream party with your new bowls!
To register or for more information please contact Venetia.
Sample pottery class On YouTube:
Pottery Video 31 Castle Plant Pot