Our Montessori Program:

Devon Gardens Montessori program provides a rich learning environment for all its students based both on Montessori principles and on fulfilling the expectations prescribed by the BC Ministry of Education.

Our Montessori elementary classrooms are rich community settings where children can fully explore their learning potentials while receiving ongoing individualized support for each of their academic, social and emotional needs. The subject areas are presented in an integrated manner using concrete materials that allow for both independent research and group work. The children’s work with these materials aids their understanding of concepts while preparing them for abstraction with their reasoning minds.

The Montessori Method caters to the whole child. Freedom, choice and the ability to move are all an integral part of the Montessori program. Each child can work with materials according to interest and ability.  Students take responsibility making decisions about how their time is spent on the learning tasks they choose under the teacher’s guidance. The Montessori approach supports continuous progress, as children work on personal goals and academic challenges. Students learn to work independently, in small groups, and as members of a class.

Please note that all our Montessori classes are taught in English.