Dragon’s Breath Oct 16-20

Oct 15

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for making our Parent-Teacher Conferences and our Book Fair a huge success. We are thankful to be working with you in order to make our school the best that we can for your child.

Halloween Costume Parade and Costume Guidelines

Our Costume Parade will be at 9:00am on Halloween. Students are encouraged to come to school dressed in their Halloween Costume. They will have a chance to be part of the parade that goes throughout the school.

Please be reminded that…

  • costumes should not be too scary
  • toy weapons should be kept at home
  • if possible, try to avoid masks. If masks are unavoidable, they should be used during the parade only.
  • Students will want to bring an extra set of clothes for after the parade.
  • Parents are welcome to attend our parade and take pictures from our school hallways.  


Emergency Release Drill

On Thursday, Oct 19, we will be holding an Emergency Preparedness Drill at 2:40 pm. Just like last year, this will involve a full-scale release of our students – all students will be participating. It is important that we provide an opportunity where students, staff, and parents experience the evacuation process. This drill is also designed to allow us to identify any parts of our evacuation plan that may require changes for the future. Please know that this drill will happen rain or shine.

It is important that all parents understand that students will only be dismissed from school in emergency situations to their parents or designated emergency release adult who bring photo identification. Students cannot be released to an older sibling or others who are not designated as “emergency release” parties. Students will not be allowed to leave school property until a predesignated adult retrieves them.

In order to maintain the safety of your children, there can be no exceptions. This means that parents need to regularly plan for who will be able to pick-up their child in an emergency situation and that the information needs to be reviewed and updated annually with the school. Parents should designate another trusted adult or two who will, most likely, be in the area if the need arises to release our students during school hours and you are not available. Again, this person cannot be an older sibling who is under the age of 19.

Parents need to provide information of who their Emergency Release designated adults are and they need to review this information annually. This information needs to be inputted through “Parent Connect”. This needs to be done for each child you have in the Delta School District and you need to inform each child of who his/her Emergency Release adult is. Please see the “Parent Connect” instructions posted above. If you need help with “Parent Connect”, please contact Mrs. Sim at the office.

For those parents who cannot arrange pick-up on Thursday, Oct 19th, we will dismiss students at our normal dismissal time of 3:00 pm.


On Oct 19th, after a “duck, cover and hold” procedure, students will be assembled on the grass field in the back of the school. A command center will also be found near the back of the school on the basketball court. Students need to be picked up at 2:40pm. When you arrive to pick up your child, please wait at the designated parent area. You will be directed to your child’s teacher to complete the release procedure. You must provide photo identification when picking up your child. Please note that this drill may take some time. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

This process is essential in making sure that all children are accounted for properly. Please help us remind your child that this drill is simply for practice in case we ever have an actual emergency and that there is nothing to worry about during this drill.

More information about our drill and parent connect can be found via the link below.



Our Diwali Assembly will be Thursday Oct 19 at 9:00am. If your child has South Asian attire, please encourage them to wear it on that day. A huge thank you to Mme Jassal, for organizing our assembly this year.



Once again, we have set up a new Parent Calendar for those who want to look further ahead in the school year. As information about new events come to us, we will try our best to provide that information on this calendar as well. There are links at the top of the Dragon’s Breath Site and our school website as indicated above.

The links will take you to the calendar page that looks like the picture below.

Be sure to click on the correct month and year, and CLICK ON “GO”.

We hope that you will find this new feature useful.


Our crossing guards have been working hard for the last few weeks. If your child is a crossing guard, please see the vised schedule below.

2017_2018_ Crossing Guard Schedule.docx.

Please remember that even though all our crossing guards have been trained by the Delta Police, they are as young as 10 years old and giving directions to adults may be challenging for some of them. All our crossing guards have been trained to ask students and adults to follow traffic safety rules. They will ask adults and students to cross at the designated spots and give directions if they see people doing unsafe actions such as jay-walking. It is expected that adults, students, and drivers of vehicles follow the directions of these crossing guards while they are on duty.

If you haven’t already done so, please see the video below.



Have a great week!


Mark Douangchanh

  • Monday, Oct 16 – Entertainment Books Due
  • Wednesday, Oct 18 Div. 5 and 13 to Pumpkin Patch
  • Thursday, Oct 19 – Diwali Assembly at 9:00am
  • Thursday, Oct 19 – Earthquake Drill with Full Evacuation
  • Friday, Oct 20 – Pro D Day
  • Monday, Oct 23 – Pro D Day
  • Tuesday, Oct 24 – Div. 15 & 16 to Richmond Country Farms
  • Tuesday, Oct 24 – Grade 6 volleyball at Hellings after school
  • Tuesday, Oct 24 – Grade 7 volleyball at Devon vs Gibson after school
  • Thursday, Oct 26 – Div. 6 and 7 to Deas Island
  • Thursday, Oct 26 – Grade 6 Volleyball at McCloskey
  • Friday, Oct 27 – PAC Hot Lunch (White Spot)