Special Lunch Day Tomorrow

Panago Pizza Lunch – Thursday Feb 2

Other information to note:

  • Proceeds from all hot lunch fundraising will be administered by the PAC and go towards the purchase of school/student/classroom needs/supplies/events, etc.
  • No additional utensils or condiments will be provided. Please feel free to send a drink, etc. to supplement your child(s) order.
  • Subway Nutritional Information and Ingredient Guide, Boston Pizza Nutrition Guide, Cobs and Panago Nutritional Information
  • If your child is absent on the day of the hot lunch, the meal will be automatically donated to someone else. Please email your child’s teacher if you want to pick up their food. Pick up is between 1:30-2:15PM at the office on the day of the hot lunch

Questions???  Please send an email to pacdevongardens@gmail.com.